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Effortless energy saving & carbon footprint reduction with this sleek, versatile, AI-enabled, and eco-friendly cube

We got you!

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4 Metrics to Guide You

Daily Usage

See when a plugged-in device is active vs. in standby

Made for the Eco-Friendly

Sleek Look

Rotatable outlets to fit large plugs and prevent cluttering wires

Versatile Design

Breaks into two, use as hub or distributed plugs in home

AI Smart

It's voice control, surge protection, and behavioral analytics


Pays for itself  from energy savings within a year

Style with Purpose

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Introducing "eMission" Control

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Every week the AI "eMission Control" will suggest times to turn power on or off to devices to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.


Hit accept and the AI will take care of the rest.

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But you don't have to wait to make an impact

Sample the AI with Acorn, shipping on us


Teak   is coming soon...



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Ryan Z.

As a work from home professional, I find myself looking at the usage data a lot. Accepted what the AI recommended, I like how easy it is to save energy and I'm 100% behind the environmental cause.


Shannon L.

This is very cool and it makes a lot of sense. We've always been told to unplug appliances to save energy, but that's unrealistic for me. I like being "passive" sustainable and the carbon tracking is very insightful. 


John Paul M.

The hardware is actually pretty compact, which is a pleasant surprise. I like how staunch it is with bulky plugs plugged in and the fact that you can rotate the outlets like a Rubik's cube. Helps with tight spaces!